The Volkswagen Phaeton car appeared exactly 20 years ago in 2002. The project was interesting but hardly successful: the “people’s” luxury sedan had almost nothing to oppose the cult “German three” in terms of technology and equipment, except for the “people’s” status itself. However, this does not make the car itself bad. At one time it was the Volkswagen Phaeton and the Volkswagen Touareg crossover that significantly raised the status of the Volkswagen brand.

For a long time, it was believed that the Volkswagen Phaeton sedan would never get a successor. In fact, it turned out that we were one step away from the appearance of the second-generation car, and its code name is Volkswagen Phaeton D2.

The Volkswagen Phaeton D2 concept car was created back in 2016. However, it still looks modern. And this one looks as if it was almost ready to go into serial production: the design of the concept fully corresponds to the current Volkswagen model range.

And the technical part was already prepared. For the new car, it was planned to use the MLB platform, and the installation of electric motors was considered as power units. Although, if you look at the instrument panel, you can see a traditional tachometer there. And you can also notice that the instrument panel is combined with a large touch display just like the Volkswagen Touareg model of the current generation. The same again: firstly, the Volkswagen Phaeton D2 concept was close to the series; secondly, it still meets the technical level of the Volkswagen brand.

And also it meets the expectations of passengers from a luxury sedan: plenty of legroom, control panel in the back of the cabin, and exquisite decoration. Of course, history cannot be rewritten. But I wonder: would the Volkswagen Phaeton D2 have any chance of success? Or vice versa – repeated the story of its predecessor? Write your answer in the comments.