On Wednesday, July 6, Netflix said it is developing a spinoff of the sci-fi series Stranger Things and will work to turn its biggest hit into a full-fledged entertainment franchise. This is reported by Reuters.

The new series will be based on an original idea by Matt and Ross Duffer, the twins who created Stranger Things. No story or character details have been disclosed yet. Netflix also announced the creation of a play in the world of Stranger Things.

Let us remind you, the 4th season of the TV series Stranger Things received more than a billion hours of viewing and became the second series after Squid Game with such statistics. It overtook the historical drama The Bridgertons and became the company’s most popular English-language series.

The series is the first Netflix product that the company is trying to develop into a traditional entertainment franchise, whose characters and stories travel between movies, television, games, and consumer products.

The popularity of Stranger Things came as a surprise to Netflix. As the series’ audience expanded from sci-fi fans to adults who enjoy 1980s pop culture, the company began looking at expanding the story with spinoffs and branded merchandise.