A Californian startup called Mojo Vision has been developing Mojo Lens smart contact lenses since 2015, which, like smart glasses, place useful AR graphics in front of the user’s eyes to help them perform daily tasks. Recently, the company talked about an already working prototype that is approaching mass production of the device, writes Ars Technica.

Drew Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision, said he was the first to “demonstrate a smart augmented reality contact lens with a full set of features on one eye.” In an interview he told CNET that he wore one lens for an hour. Eventually, Mojo Vision would like users to be able to wear two lenses at the same time.

The Mojo Lens smart contact lens places a Micro LED display directly on the eye

The Mojo Lens uses an Arm M0 processor and a tiny Micro LED display with an incredible 14,000 pixels per inch. It is only 0.02 inches (0.5 mm) in diameter with a pixel pitch of 1.8 microns. Perkins claims it’s the “smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content.”

Mojo Lens also developed its power management system with “medical-grade micro-batteries”. The company uses a specially configured magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope to track the position of the lenses in space.

The Mojo Lens smart contact lens places a Micro LED display directly on the eye

The goal of the developers is for AR to remain visible even if the user moves their eyes. This is important and provides control over the lens interface, as of course there is no way to implement hand gestures as some smart glasses do. Therefore, the main method of controlling the user interface is eye-tracking, although there is also support for voice commands.

If you’re wondering how all of this fits on a miniature contact lens, well, it does not yet. To operate, the Mojo Lens prototype uses an accessory that is placed around the user’s neck and contains a processor, a graphics accelerator, and a 5 GHz transmitter to send and receive data from the lens.

The current prototype now also needs a hat with an integrated antenna for a more reliable connection, but the company plans to remove it from the final version.

As expected, Mojo Lens does not yet have a release date, the company continues to work on smart contact lenses and plans to attract new partners and investors in parallel.