Volvo will build a factory in Slovakia for the production of electric cars, which will allow it to abandon models with traditional internal combustion engines by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2040. The investment in the production will amount to about 1.2 billion euros, but it will be worth it: it is expected that the new plant will be able to produce up to 250 thousand electric cars per year. Thus, the company will get the third production site in Europe – next to the factories in Sweden and Belgium.

To be as precise as possible, the company has not yet announced which models will be manufactured at the new plant. But options are possible in the form of the new XC90 crossover, which is due to change its generation soon, or the completely new compact XC20 model. In addition, before the completion of construction and the opening of the plant (approximately 2026), a new generation of the XC60 crossover may also appear. Perhaps all these three models will be produced side by side.

Thus, the factory will be fully loaded with the latest models, which will surely get electric versions. After all, the transformation of Volvo in the direction of electric mobility has already begun: for example, the compact crossover XC40, in addition to traditional internal combustion engines, also received an electric version. And the model Volvo C40 immediately came out only as an electric car.