Fallout London is an ambitious custom mod for Fallout 4, which will take place in post-apocalyptic London in 2237 (between the events of Fallout and Fallout 2). At the end of spring, the developers shared information about their project. They said that the mod will be roughly the size of the base map of the original game, it will have new factions, weapons, NPCs, monsters, an original story, and more. At the same time, the developer showed a large gameplay trailer:

The other day, the developer released another video with the somewhat strange title Official Announcement Trailer despite the fact that the game was announced quite a long time ago. This video is much shorter and shows the game better, so if you’re just curious to know what the project is, it’s best to watch it first. The “announcing” trailer is dedicated to the charity initiative Fallout For Hope, which is partnered by the developers of Fallout London.

Fallout London has been in development since 2019, with a release scheduled for next year. But such claims about custom mods should be treated with caution, as their development is usually even more delayed than commercial games. But in any case, we have a good chance to see Fallout London before the new, fifth part of the official game. Bethesda plans to take it after The Elder Scrolls 6, which is currently in the early stages of preparation.