Updated user interface, which Google announced back in February, from today is starting to appear in Gmail for more users. Mail should automatically switch to a new format in which Meet, Chat, and Spaces will be at hand.

There have been no major changes to the design of the mail. But as Google strives to develop Workspace and make it a better competitor to Office, small updates are moving the company in that direction.

In the updated interface, the Meet, Chat, and Spaces buttons are located in the additional panel on the left side of the screen. Previously, they were placed under “Inbox” and other mail folders. Lists of chats/rooms/available functions were opened under each of these options. The lists now appear when you hover over the icon.

Google also lets you choose which apps appear in the sidebar, or hide them altogether to use only Gmail. In the settings, it is possible to return to the old interface if the new one does not suit.

The new Gmail interface will automatically appear for more users
Sidebar settings/Source: Google

Unlike the usual 15-day launch of new features, the new interface is “advanced”. Therefore, it may take more than two weeks for it to change on its own. However, you can try the update earlier by turning it on (and off if necessary) in the quick settings menu.