Sony has announced a new line of InZone gaming products, which includes monitors and headsets made in the same design as the PlayStation 5 but they are focused not only on console players but also on computers.

The flagship of the new line is the InZone M9 monitor. It is a 27-inch model with an IPS panel, 4K resolution, and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Response time is 1 ms, and there is support for adaptive frequency technologies for both consoles and PCs. The monitor is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync. The InZone M9 can receive video signals via DisplayPort, HDMI 2.1, and USB-C.

The monitor has 96-zone local dimming and DisplayHDR 600 certification. The InZone M9 also supports HDR tonal adjustment for automatic image adjustment when connected to the PS5. In addition, the monitor can automatically switch to movie mode when watching videos on streaming services or from Blu-ray and return to game mode with minimal input delay when the game session begins.

The InZone M9 should go on sale this summer, with a suggested retail price of $899. It’s a bit strange, but Sony has decided not to complete the monitor with video cables. The user, in her opinion, will buy the cable that they like best.

In addition to the flagship M9, Sony also introduced a cheaper model – M3. It will cost $529, it is also a 27-inch monitor, but without local dimming, with Full HD resolution and a maximum brightness of 400 nits, but the maximum refresh rate will be 240 Hz. The M3 should go on sale in the winter.

In addition to monitors, the InZone line also includes gaming headsets. The H9 is a top model, large overhead headphones that can work via a 2.4 GHz wireless connection or Bluetooth. The design of the InZone H9 is not similar to the Pulse 3D. A headset that was announced at the same time as the release of the PS5, but the new model looks like a more traditional gaming headset. Sony promises up to 32 hours of battery life and support for digital noise reduction.

Sony InZone – gaming peripherals for PC and PS5

Like the monitors, the H9 focuses not only on the PS5, but also on the PC. Computer players can install the companion application InZone, which supports personal settings 360 Spatial Sound (and for this the user will have to … take pictures of their ears. Sony says that it will really improve the sound for you personally).

The new line also includes two more affordable models – wireless H7 with slightly “simpler” characteristics (no noise reduction, etc.), but with a similar design, two connection options, and longer battery life (up to 40 hours), plus wired H3 – the cheapest model with basic characteristics, but again in a single design of the PS5 gaming peripherals.

All three headsets will go on sale on July 7, the H9 will cost $300, the H7 – $230, and finally, the H3 will cost $100.