We know Red Bull as a producer of energy drinks and a formula team that has repeatedly won the championship. But there is also a Red Bull division that introduces the latest technology from the world of racing. Now Red Bull is ready to go even further – to create its own supercar, which should appear in 2025.

However, the British publication AUTOCAR has already found out some details of the new project. For example, the Red Bull RB17 supercar will receive a 1250-horsepower hybrid power unit based on the V8. The electric part of the hybrid will be quite powerful (110 kW or 150 hp), but the developers pay special attention to the fact that they want to keep the emphasis on the internal combustion engine. It should be a real “old-school” supercar from teenagers’ drawings! Frankly, the new supercar still exists only in sketches…

They also learned that the Red Bull RB17 supercar already exists in production plans: a total of 50 cars are to be produced. It will take about three years and will produce 15 units per year.

However, according to the developers, some of these supercars already have potential customers, who are not even stopped by the targeted price tag of 5 million pounds. But you can show off not only on those track days but also at the cult casino because Red Bull RB17 will be allowed not only on practice grounds but also on ordinary roads.