In the Volkswagen line, the Passat takes the place of the middle-class car. Recently, however, these historically renowned sedans and station wagons have come under tremendous market pressure: private customers can choose a related crossover or Czech twin brother, high-tech fans consider numerous electric cars, and only corporate customers retain a certain “fidelity” to the model. However, this does not seem to be enough. Recently there have been many rumors about the replacement of the classic model with the latest electric car.

The Volkswagen ID.AERO concept car can become its predictor. We will remind: earlier “Germans” already let out a similar concept, however, it was far enough from reality. But its new variation is an almost ready production model. What do they offer us?

First: a fairly large, almost 5-meter sedan with aerodynamic shapes and a “stretched” back roof line. Second: a special IEM platform for electric vehicles which means the ability to install a battery with a capacity of about 80 kWh and all-wheel drive. Third: you can count on a range of 620 km (WLTP), which is a lot for an electric car of this class. Of course, there is a fourth – for example, the latest technology in the form of headlights IQ.LIGHT LED or touch sliding door handles. There are five more, for example, the desire to create an interesting design: pay attention to the decorative intersections of headlights and lanterns, giant 22-inch wheels, contrasting color of the roof supports.

However, the most important thing is that the product plans for this electric car are already known. Its serial production will begin in the second half of 2023, and it should be a global model – with sales in Europe, Asia, and America. We are waiting!