The Mercedes-Benz concept car continues to be tested in real conditions, where it was recently able to travel through four European countries on a single charge, covering 1,000 km (>620 miles). Of course, this is still a fantastic figure for most conventional and even luxury electric cars, but it is still interesting to watch the development of EVs.

The penultimate experiment aimed to overcome the specified distance. But at the end of the trip, the energy balance was 15%. So the trials did not stop there.

Last week, EQXX went “for a walk” again. It was a trip from Stuttgart (Germany) to Silverstone (UK). Here the concept had to travel a little more than 1200 km (747 miles), which, in fact, it succeeded. In addition, it is noted that during the trip lasting 14 and a half hours, 8 of them the driver spent with the air conditioning on.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX continues to break mileage records on a single battery charge

This is a strong number as it significantly exceeds the capabilities of serial luxury models from competitors from Tesla (600 km/375 miles) and Lucid (830 km/520 miles). But the Vision EQXX still remains a concept car, while the company’s standard electric sedan – EQS – loses to competitors with a range of 560 km/350 miles.

However, it is difficult not to recognize the company’s achievements. While it’s not a fact that many people ever need to travel so long without stopping, it would be nice to know that the car has such a large margin. This would significantly reduce unnecessary worrying due to battery life during long road trips.