The updated models of Apple MacBook Pro 13 laptops just (last Friday) hit store shelves, which is always accompanied by a large number of reviews in the press and bloggers. And some of them are quite attentive to the little things.

Since the laptop is hard to call new, one would expect the update to be solely in CPU performance. But there have been some other changes. And it turned out that not the most pleasant.  

For example, bloggers Max Tech and Created Tech tested “basic” models with 256 GB of storage capacity and paid attention to their speed. Compared to the drives of the previous MBP model with the M1 processor, the new one has lost a lot.

Max Tech:

Created Tech:

Thus, in the given example, the laptop drive with M1 in the SSD test showed 2900 MB/s read speed and 2215 write, and the updated version with M2 – 1446 and 1463 MB/s, respectively. In the case of reading data, this is a loss of half the speed that the user will feel when working with files. It is noted that the more expensive model with 512 GB is not inferior in tests.

After opening the experimental laptop, bloggers found the cause of this situation. Previously, even the base model with 256 GB in the drive used two separate chips of   128 GB, and now – one. It is difficult to say what caused such changes, but it is either production/supply problems or price issues. MacRumors asked Apple about this but has not yet received a comment.