Over the last two days, we have all seen that the Russians’ tactics for missile strikes on Ukraine have somewhat changed. This was confirmed by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadym Denysenko to “Espresso”.

“Russia has changed its shelling strategy, they are shelling Ukrainian cities en masse. They used to fire several missiles, but now dozens. They shoot from different points. That is why for air defense is difficult to cope with them. The missiles they launch were developed in the middle of the last century and were intended to destroy aircraft carriers, cruisers, and ships. They have up to a thousand kilograms of the explosive charge and a speed of up to 3-4 thousand km. That’s why it’s hard to knock them down, ” Denysenko explained.

Russia has changed the tactics of missile strikes on Ukraine

This is confirmed by a map published by The New York Times. The strikes were carried out simultaneously from Belarus, the Caspian and Black Seas, and targets were selected in different parts of Ukraine. Such massive strikes from different directions are much more difficult to intercept with our air defense. Unfortunately, the ruscists have very large stocks of Soviet missiles, so such massive shelling will continue.

Mezha urges readers not to ignore air alarm signals, no matter in which “safe” corner of our country you are. Hold on!