Ever since Top Gear’s best-known presenters broke up with the BBC over the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson, they haven’t left filming. In addition to their contract with Amazon and The Grand Tour, they have worked on a separate project DriveTribe and various programs and blogs of their own.

One of these was about food – FoodTribe, where mostly James May cooked a variety of dishes. Now Richard Hammond has announced a change of this channel – What Next? The show was renamed and the concept changed.

As Richard explains, the start of the FoodTribe project was the realization that people who like cars also love food. And later this idea evolved into something more. Therefore, the boundaries of the program have expanded to a wider range of interests.

“BIG NEWS! Welcome to our freshly rebranded YouTube channel; where once there was FoodTribe, there is now What Next. We’ve decided to change this channel to something that covers many more subject matters than just food and drink. We’re talking science, history, DIY, sports, basically anything that’s vaguely entertaining! Spearheaded by Richard Hammond and the gang, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been creating. The question is… What Next?” says the description of the channel update announcement.

“Fishing? Why? What is it about horses? How to wheel your motorcycle? Dogs versus cats. How to tie a bow tie?” this is just a small list of things that are mentioned in the announcement and that can be seen in the first episodes.

But the best thing about this show is that the audience of the program will tell the hosts what they should do or try next.

Although the announcement includes mostly Hammond, James May also appears occasionally, so we hope to see how life will treat him. In any case, these people know how to do good projects, so it should be interesting. Here you can subscribe to the channel and wait for new episodes together.