In the latest US weapons package, announced recently by Pentagon, except HIMARS, which is already accurately destroying the rear of the ruscists there was one very unusual position – 18 coastal and river patrol boats that will help the Ukrainian Navy to revive the Dnieper military flotilla. It has now become known which boats are sent to Ukraine.

Patrol river boats provided by the United States to Ukraine

As stated on the website of the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon transfers three types of boats to the Armed Forces: two 35-foot “small river vessels”, six 40-foot naval warships and 10 34-foot patrol boats Dauntless Sea Ark.

According to journalists The WarZone, 35-foot “small river vessels” are Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC), and 40-foot sea warships are Riverine Patrol Boat (RPB) produced by by Silver Ships.

Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC) – an armored boat of the US Marine Corps is used to control coastal waters and river waters. It has the same dimensions and purpose as the Patrol Boat, Riverine (PBR), which was used during the Vietnam War. You have definitely seen this ship in movies about Vietnam.

SURC has 2 crew members and can carry 16 fighters. Top speed – 72 km/h, range of 250 nautical miles. It has three points for mounting weapons – heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, or smoke curtains.

Patrol river boats provided by the United States to Ukraine

The Riverine Patrol Boat (RPB) is the latest acquisition of the US Small Fleet. The contract for the construction of ships was concluded only in 2000, so most of their characteristics are unknown. Known length – 40 feet, or 12.2 m; the presence of two water-jet motors Yanmar with a capacity of 440 hp each. The boats have a rigid hull, armor and weapons. Can accommodate 6 crew members and 14 paratroopers. RPBs are designed to support military operations in inland waters, on rivers, and in coastal areas.

Dauntless Sea Ark is an aluminum patrol boat made by US Watercraft with a power plant of 750 hp. They have a length of 10.36 m, can develop a speed of up to 74 km/h, involve 8 people, have 3 points for mounting heavy weapons.

Given that the Dnieper military flotilla now consists mainly of fishing and tourist boats, this is a very good property of the Ukrainian Navy. Have a good hunt!