Porsche is preparing to return to the world of “big races”: speed marathons for endurance in the FIA ​​WEC and IMSA championships. The tool for future victories is ready: a new sports car Porsche 963, created in collaboration with the team Penske, a historical partner of the “Germans”.

So, in the case of the Porsche 963, we have a classic supercar car: low and wide, with “slick” wheels and carefully crafted aerodynamics. For example, pay attention to the aerodynamic panels of the cab, a huge rear wing, and a tail keel to optimize airflow.

And pay attention to the number of the model 963: as a hint of the historical glory of Porsche cars, it is worth mentioning the models 917, 935, and 962. But you can also mention the Porsche 919 Hybrid: the new sports car also has a hybrid power unit based on 4, 6-liter V8 bi-turbo. Its total power reaches 500 kW or 680 hp.

What are these horses capable of? We will find out at the end of this year, when the car will compete for the first time, even in a non-official point count. The official start of the Porsche 963 career is scheduled for January 2023. We hope that then Ukraine will be quiet and peaceful, so we will be able to fully enjoy the races of modern sports cars.