If approved by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Russia will be the 5th terrorist country on the State Department’s list, along with Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria. This is reported by the Voice of America.

Among other things, senators voted in favor of a resolution condemning the use of famine as a weapon of war and recognizing the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on global food security.

“So far, this is only a resolution supported by the committee. The final decision must be made by the presidential administration. This is a committee resolution that calls for the administration, but is not the actual recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism,” says Chris Koons, the Democratic senator from Delaware.

At the same time, according to the co-chair of the Committee on International Relations, Republican Senator James Risch, this resolution should receive strong support during the Senate vote, which may affect the decision of Secretary of State Blinken.

“”If the United States recognizes a country as a sponsor of terrorism, there will be many consequences. A good example is Iran. There is no doubt that Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, is a state sponsor of terrorism. The act he committed in issuing the order to attack Ukraine was an act of terrorism. He is a war criminal, and he is responsible for every crime committed in his name, every act of destruction, every act of murder, everything that was committed in Ukraine, on his responsibility.. He is a war criminal. And we need to send a strong message to the world – how we feel about the horrific things that he is doing,” said James Risch, a Republican senator from Idaho.

Well, we are waiting for the decision of Anthony Blinken, that is, the decision of US President Joe Biden, which he will broadcast through Secretary of State Blinken. Although, to be honest, there is some doubt that Joe Biden will dare to get Putler in a tight corner.