Yesterday, during briefing at the White House, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced another $450 million military aid package to Ukraine.
The package includes:

  • 4 MLRS launchers M142 HIMARS;
  • 36 thousands of 105-mm shells (most likely for cannons L118);
  • 18 tactical vehicles to move 155-mm artillery;
  • 1200 grenade launchers;
  • 2000 machine guns;
  • 18 coastal and river patrol boats;
  • spare parts and other equipment.

Kirby clarified that this assistance is provided within the framework of the presidential powers, and this is the 13th time that Joe Biden uses this format to send military aid to Ukraine. That is, it is not yet a lend-lease, the first deliveries of which are expected in late summer.

HIMARS and, in addition, a new US military aid package

From interesting items we want to draw your attention to the penultimate ones – 18 coastal and river patrol boats. This delivery fully confirms the words of the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa that the Navy is going to revive the Dnieper military flotilla. In addition, such units can operate at the mouth of the Danube and the Bug-Dnieper-Estuary Canal to counter saboteurs, support marines, and protect against attempts to force rivers.

Dnieper military flotilla existed in the Soviet Red Army in 1919–1920, 1931–1940, and 1943–1949.

HIMARS and, in addition, a new US military aid package

Coming back to HIMARS. It became known that the Ukrainian military will begin training on German multiple rocket launchers MARS II the next week. This was announced by German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht during her speech in the Bundestag.