Just imagine: the Opel Corsa city car has been in production for 40 years. The first Opel Corsa was launched in 1982. Since then and to this day, the Opel Corsa has gained many victories: more than 10 million cars have been sold, it is one of the bestsellers for its class and its brand, and the current generation of the model has received an electric version as we are reminded of branded photos.

And to remind us about the anniversary in general, the “Germans” have prepared a special version of the car with the same long name as the life of this model: Opel Corsa 40 Years Limited Edition. The changes are not drastic, but noticeable. All cars of the limited series will be painted in bright red Rekord Red and will receive a contrasting black finishing: the roof as a whole, the bars on the radiator grille, 17-inch wheels, and more.

The cabin also has nice “little things”: for example, finishing the seats with a distinguished red-gray checkered fabric or a plate with the serial number of the car of the limited series. After all, in general, exactly 1982 copies of the Opel Corsa 40 Years Limited Edition will be released: just after the historic debut year.

Plus, of course, the maximum equipment and all possible options for the Opel Corsa. After all, the anniversary celebrant must be up to the mark!