We have already seen a fast BMW M wagon with all the bells and whistles, however, they existed in the form of a larger model M5. And only now we welcome the wagon of the medium-sized BMW M3 family – meet the first BMW M3 Touring!

The new wagon received a front part with huge vertical nostrils in the characteristic M-style. Besides that, BMW M3 Touring differs with its mandatory black roof (although it is possible to paint in the main color of the body).

Among other features, there is an aerodynamic package with diffuser, four 100mm exhaust pipes as well as different wheels (19-inch front and 20-inch rear). And in general, the technical component of the BMW M3 Touring repeats loaded sedans or coupes decorated with the letter “M”.

First of all, it is a 6-cylinder 510-horsepower engine – a guarantee of acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and overcoming the mark of 250 or even 280 (optional) kilometers of the “maximum”. The car is equipped with M xDrive all-wheel drive, plus additional settings with power emphasis on the rear axle. An adaptive M-suspension and 8-speed automatic transmission are also provided.

The interior is made in a sporty style: solid steering wheel, bucket seats, and a variety of red accents. Though, don’t forget that we are talking about the wagon, so you can count on a separate folding rear seat and a trunk capacity of 500-1 510 liters. Well, the perfect transport for a quick trip with a dog to the place of the walk!

Among other interesting features of the new BMW M3 Touring wagon is a special M-logo dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the sports department. And among the most interesting options are laser headlights and carbon-ceramic brakes. That’s right, although we have a wagon, it is still M-mobile!