Watching videos on a “smart” watch, of course, is not a priority and there are hardly many people who dreamed of something like this. But there is always room for unusual user requests. And here is one of these implemented.

Thanks to third-party developers, the Apple Watch now has a YouTube viewing option. And you do not need a smartphone for this, the WatchTube application can run on the watch itself.

There is a regular bar with service recommendations, search, user library and several settings. You can use both the keyboard and voice commands to search. All service algorithms will also work here. You can play the sound on the built-in speaker of the Apple Watch, and get it in the connected headphones.

The bad news is that the application does not support user accounts. That is, unfortunately, it is not possible to log in to your Google account here, and all subscriptions, playlists, browsing history, etc. are stored exclusively on the watch.

In order to pick up video from the watch and, if possible, switch to a smartphone or tablet, the developer has added the generation of QR-code, which will be a link to the video for other gadgets.

You can try WatchTube at this link.