Google News turns 20 this year and the service has received a major redesign that shows changes in journalism. A recent PC update focuses on local news. They are now displayed next to the main ones at the top of the page. You can add multiple locations to follow events not just in your city.

The service also pays attention to fact-checking. Next to the headline is the name of the source. One news item comes from three different sources, and by clicking Full Review you can get even more reviews of the event.

Google News redesign favors local news and fact-checking

Below the page there is a block Your topics. It can be personalized by clicking the appropriate button on the right side of the screen. Themes can be added, deleted and modified according to your tastes.

Google News redesign favors local news and fact-checking

The updated site supports the Google News Initiative, a long-running media support campaign amid fears that the Internet is destroying access to quality journalism. Accordingly, Google has begun accepting applications for the Global News Equity Fund, which will support news for minorities and underrepresented groups. The company will also provide research grants with a wealth of data.

It is still difficult to say whether the new design will be successful. However, it looks cleaner and more modern than before. Theoretically, this could increase the number of people who will use the service instead of browsing individual media pages or accessing news apps.