Amazon has shown a fully autonomous robot that can move large carts with goods in warehouses. It’s called Proteus. Unlike some previous developments, it will be able to work safely around employees.

The company says Proteus’ work has “enhanced security, perception and navigation technologies.” In a video released by the company, you can see the robot glowing a green beam in front of it while moving. When a person stands before the beam, it stops and continues to move when the employee leaves.

The company has also announced several other robotic systems. One of them – the robotic arm Cardinal – can lift and carry packages weighing up to 23 kg. It should be in stock next year. Cardinal’s computer vision systems allow him to select individual packages, even if they are stacked.

Also Amazon showed the technology which will allow employees to do without hand-held scanners, which they register barcodes. Instead, they will work in front of a camera system that will detect packages automatically – without having to scan the sticker each time.

The company says that the robot will not be able to completely replace human workers, but will help reduce injuries and take on hard work.