Kiel Institute of World Economy updated its report entitled Ukraine Support Tracker . It now takes into account data on the supply of humanitarian goods, military equipment and financial assistance that Ukraine received from Western partners from February 24 to June 7, 2022. Among other things, the report contains one very interesting additional table – the fulfillment of promises to supply weapons.

According to data collected by the Kiel Institute, the actual amount of aid already received by Ukraine from the United States and Poland does not differ much. The United States has already provided Ukraine with almost €2 billion in arms out of the promised €4.15 billion, while Poland has fulfilled all its promises totaling €1.7 billion. Note that all prices quoted by the institute are in euros.

Ukraine Support Tracker: which countries keep their promises 100%

In general, Poland, Canada, Norway, Latvia, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Finland have fulfilled their promises on arms supplies. These are just the top 20 donors out of 37. Please note that Luxembourg is on this list. Close to 100% Estonia (98%), Lithuania (92%), Great Britain (90%).

The worst is the situation with Germany, which has delivered only 35% of what it promised. In absolute terms, Germany ranks only 8th behind military countries, such as Estonia and Latvia. We hope today’s information about the supply of 155-mm PzH 2000 SPH will slightly correct the position of Germany. Will see in the next report.

In total, since the beginning of the hot phase of the war, Western partners have provided Ukraine with €7.29 billion in military assistance, which is 68.71% of the promised €10.61 billion.