The PlayStation 5 game console has an outstanding but controversial design mainly because of its size. The console body in the vertical version rises almost half a meter and stands like a tower among other appliances around the TV. Players, of course, are hoping for a new “slim” model PlayStation 5 Slim, but some do not want to wait long and get down to business.

A YouTube video DIY Perks has a video of their host Matthew Perks repackaging the PS5 into a thin box the size just over two DVD boxes side by side.

The largest volume in the console body is occupied by radiators, so Matthew Perks completely dismantled the PS5 and replaced them with a water cooling system of his own design. It dissipates heat not only from the main processor, but also from memory and voltage control modules, which are also heated in the console.

The enthusiast put the PlayStation 5 into a box only 2 cm thick

As expected, Matthew did not try to reduce the internal power supply. According to him, Sony in the slim versions of PlayStation consoles of the previous two generations significantly reduced the overall power consumption of the systems, so it could do with much smaller (and weaker) power supplies. Unfortunately, this will not work with the current version of the PlayStation 5, its power consumption can not be reduced. So he decided to switch to an external power supply just as Sony did in the slim versions of PS1 and PS2.

As a result, the modified PlayStation 5 has become much more compact – only 1.9 cm thick – and at the same time received better cooling. However, the cost of the components used by Matthew Perks exceeds the cost of the console itself, and the power supply and cooling unit occupy an additional box that should be hidden from view. In addition, he worked on this project for a couple of months and in the process “killed” one console, which had to be replaced by another provided by the sponsor. The things you do for the idea!