Neural Network DALL-E, which creates images based on text descriptions, is still available to few. However, it has an alternative that everyone can play with – Craiyon,, or the former DALL-E Mini. It is an open online tool based on artificial intelligence that generates selections of images even by complex descriptions.

Craiyon is very easy to use. After entering the query and clicking Draw, wait up to three minutes for a selection of nine images to appear. The program has no restrictions on the language or length of the query but it performs best in English. If the request is too long, part of it may not be included in the drawings.

Here are some examples of what artificial intelligence can do with a simple or complex query:

You can enlarge and save the resulting images by taking a screenshot. The Craiyon team says they can be used freely for personal purposes and even printed on a T-shirt.

AI creativity can also be shared at community on Hugging Face. Among other things, there are really interesting or photorealistic queries, such as “Michael Jackson’s lunar walk on the water” or “Lemon meringue cake against the backdrop of the great pyramids on a cloudy day.”

Craiyon was formerly known as the DALL-E Mini, an open source program that could reproduce the result of the “big” DALL-E from OpenAI. DALL-E Mini did not belong to the creators of DALL-E, but could be associated with them. Developers explain that OpenAI asked them to change the name to avoid confusion.