Cross-platform play between PC players and consoles is not so rare and is found in a number of multiplayer projects, but crossplay within the PC, between major competing stores is something new. This is exactly what Epic Games has achieved by providing game developers with tools to implement support for joint play on different launchers through Epic Online Services.

The release of Epic Online Services SDK 1.15 includes crossplay support between Epic Games Store and Steam, and in the future, the developer promises to expand the functionality by adding new stores to PC, support for macOS and Linux, and later cross-platform games with consoles and mobile devices.

Epic Online Services brings your Steam and Epic Games friends together, and lets you find friends, send friend requests and invite to multiplayer sessions in different stores. Epic Games has tested crossplay on projects such as Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys, and invites all developers to join the initiative so that the owners of games available in both stores can play with their friends without hindrance, hopefully, they won’t hesitate to respond.