Zmiibaivka continues. The Ukrainian Navy Forces say they damaged another ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This time it was a modern rescue tug of project 22870 Vasily Bekh. Experts believe that the two missiles that hit the ship are Harpoon.

Interestingly, the ship, which was heading to Zmiinyi Island with cargo and supplies, was “equipped” with a ground anti-aircaft missile system Thor, which was simply tied to the deck. After the loss of Moskva cruiser Russians were left without naval air defense, so for several weeks they have been loading their ships, even the latest destroyers with cruise missiles, with such improvised air defense. As we can see, it does not help.

The rescue tug of project 22870 Vasily Bekh was put into operation in 2017, and received the name only in 2021. This is a vessel of the same type as the tug Professor Nikolai Muru, which helped in search of the sunken Moskva.

Well, may they not rest in peace. And we are grateful to the Navy Forces of Ukraine. Keep it up, guys and girls!