The command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has sent another rescue ship to the site where Moskva missile cruiser sank. This time it’s the rescue tug Professor Nikolai Muru project 22870. On board the ship there is a Swedish submarine robot SAAB Seaeye Falcon. This was reported by Defense Express.

Earlier, the Russians sent to the site of the death of Moskva, which lies at the bottom at a depth of 50-56 meters 75 km southwest of Cape Tarkhankut, a rare auxiliary rescue vessel of the Kommuna submarine. This ship was launched in 1913, ie it is now 109 years old. This truly unique and old catamaran with a length of almost 100 m was in 2016 equipped with a deep-sea rescue vehicle AC-28 project 1855 Priz. It seems that this submarine, which seems to be able to dive to a depth of 1000 m and has endurance of 120 hours, failed. That’s why a Swedish robot was been sent to the sunken Moskva.

Moskva cruiser is still at the bottom. The Russians are trying to do something about it

Falcon Underwater Robot from SAAB Seaeye, a division of Saab AB is a drone with manipulators connected to the surface vessel by a fiber-optic cable, which can be immersed to a depth of 300 m (there is also a version at 1000 m). Falcon can be equipped with sonar, cameras of various ranges, manipulators, cutters, measuring equipment, etc.

In addition, Professor Nikolai Muru has a complex for divers to work at a depth of 100 meters, can collect petroleum products and remove other ships from the shoal.

According to Defense Express experts, such activity of the Russians near the grave of Moskva indicates that some of the anti-ship missiles P-1000 Vulcan, which were on board the cruiser, still had a nuclear charge.