As much as we would like it, we will be waiting for a similar update of the map of Ukraine for Microsoft Flight Simulator for a long time. Instead, Microsoft and Asobo have released a second update for the United States.

The first update of the US map for Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in World Update II: USA in November 2020, and here’s another one.

Among the most notable changes: updated altitude map and satellite images of the United States; 12 photogrammetric cities (Albany, Arlington, Boise, Charleston, Disney – Kissimmee – Windermere, Eugene, Kay Largo, Lansing, Lynchburg, Olympia, San Diego, and Seattle); 4 new manually created airfields and 100 POIs; 3 more new routes, 3 sightseeing flights, and 3 challenging landings. In fact, after all the content updates in MSFS, even too much.

By the way, along with World Update X, a new aircraft in the Local Legends series was released. It’s Beechcraft Model 182. Just look at this beauty. But An-2, unfortunately, is not included any more.

Regarding Ukraine. Recently, a little more Ukrainian content has appeared on the same There’s even about a dozen small airports in our country. And, for example, livery Ukrainian Falcon for Aero L-39 Albatros. Meanwhile, your author is almost finishing virtual tour of Ukraine, including the front zone and the temporarily occupied territories. The effects of the war are not visible in the MSFS, and Ukraine is incredibly beautiful from the air. Join!