Different systems of measurement have always been part of the modern world and have made communication inconvenient for people from even neighboring countries. For example, the United States and Canada use different units of measure, say, speed. So when you cross the border, you have to keep in mind that in Canada you were traveling at 100 km/h, and in the United States, you have to focus on 60 mph.

Of course, such things are often found in the communication of foreigners. You could turn to any converter, but you need to distract from the conversation and open a separate application, Google, or call a voice assistant.

As the Editor-in-Chief of MacStories Federico Viticci noted, iOS 16 has the ability to convert directly in the messages, mail and other proprietary applications.

In his example, this is the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit. But the system will convert not only temperature, but also distance, weight, exchange rates, time zones, and more. And it is likely that such a feature can be implemented in third-party applications.

The feature is due in public beta next month, and anyone who doesn’t like the experiments will traditionally have to wait for the fall release.