Recently classic games of The Elder Scrolls moved to Steam, and some of them, including Daggerfall, have even become free. But nowadays, playing DOS games is not very convenient, to put it mildly, so they may be of interest to avid fans of the classics who want to “remember their childhood”. But there is still a chance to get to know Daggerfall and not be horrified by how it now runs on modern computers.

The fan community is working on the project Daggerfall Unity – a remake of the game, including custom mods, running on the Unity engine. It was recently updated to support the Steam version of the game, and has now appeared in GOG under the name Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut.This is a free full version of the updated game, which you can freely add to your account, download and start playing, without the need to search for mods, additional resources, study the documentation of how to put it all together etc.

Of course, the graphics of Daggerfall Unity, even on the updated engine, can not compete not only with Skyrim, but also with Morrowind, but this is still not the DOS game that came out a quarter of a century ago.