For a long time, native applications on iPhone and iPad could be hidden in remote folders so that they do not take up space on the gadget’s desktops. A little later, Apple changed its approach and allowed users to uninstall some applications with the ability to restore them through the App Store.

According to AppleInsider, in the iOS 16 beta you can now uninstall most native apps and get rid of the standard Weather, Notes, Music and more. With the release of the next operating system from the iPhone, you can also remove the Camera, Clock, Fitness and Locator, which previously could not be done.

And although Apple doesn’t say much about it, the company has commented a bit on it before. An important point: with the removal of the application, all its functionality does not disappear from the system. For example, if you uninstall the Contacts application, their list will still remain in the Phone, Messaging, Mail, and FaceTime applications.  

The same with FaceTime. If you uninstall the application, you can still receive incoming audio and video calls. The location functions remain active if you delete Find My.

But with the next system, the user is still given a little more control over the applications in their own smartphone.