The new weapons that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to receive from the United States will allow Ukraine to return all occupied territories, including Crimea. That was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov in his interview to CNN.

“We are going to liberate all our territories. All of them, including the Crimea. Crimea is a strategic goal for Ukraine because it is Ukrainian territory, but we will move step by step,” the Minister said.

The first step will be to stabilize the situation on the front lines to prevent further losses from attacks by Russian troops. The second stage, according to Mr. Reznikov, will be to move the Russian troops to the position they had at the beginning of the invasion on February 24, 2022. And only in the 3rd stage discussions will be held with Ukraine’s partners on “how to liberate territories, including Crimea”. The Minister of Defense stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not going to use weapons to attack the Russian Federation, but Ukraine does not consider Crimea to be Russian territory.

Earlier this day, Mr. Reznikov wrote in his Twitter what weapons the Armed Forces will receive in the third round of negotiations at the Rammstein base. And at the end, there is a postscript almost in the spirit of Steve Jobs “and something else.”

#Ramstein 3 Results
Georgia, Moldova and Equador joined the club;
more arms to be supplied by the US (155 mm guns, HIMARS, Harpoons and more);
helicopters from Slovakia;
artillery from Canada, Poland and the Netherlands;
MLRS from Germany;
… and something more.
Thank to all.
#UAarmy is ready to use its new tools against evil forces.
Ukraine will continue its fight for Freedom and Independence;
Our partners will continue to support Ukraine;
NATO has the greatest unity in its history;
Ukraine will win.

Now let the ruscists think what “and something more” is!