Microsoft has decided to once again update Microsoft Defender, which already exists not only on Windows but also on other platforms.  Specifically, the company decided to make a business Microsoft Defender for Endpoint also available for personal use.

Software with this name has existed on Windows for years, but now Microsoft Defender on this platform is not a separate antivirus or firewall, but rather a “control panel” that simplifies the use of existing security features.

Another difference between the new application and the classic Microsoft Defender is that it is not distributed for free, but is only available to subscribers of personal and family plans Microsoft 365.

The capabilities of Microsoft Defender vary depending on the platform. For example, iOS does not have anti-virus software, so here application instead offers web phishing protection along with a dashboard that contains alerts for other devices. On Android Microsoft Defender includes antivirus protection and scanning the device for malware. Also in the future, the company promises to expand functionality.