The lives of classic supercar manufacturers are changing: more and more companies with a well-known name are creating powerful crossovers. It may not be “canonical”, but it allows you to make a good profit and survive in order to continue creating sports cars.

This path to success was best demonstrated by Porsche, followed by even more exclusive crossovers from Lamborghini and Aston Martin. As for the electric models, it is worth mentioning the various P-versions from Tesla, which impress with their dynamics.

All these cars can get a very interesting competitor – according to the British publication AUTOCAR, McLaren plans to launch its own electric crossover. At the same time, the competitor looks not just the Aston Martin DBX, but its most powerful version 707 – that is, McLaren should offer a capacity of about 700 “horses”. At the same time, in order to meet modern electric competitors, the McLaren crossover, in addition to power, must also offer a large battery and a range of 500 km or more.

However, it is already clear from the sketches that the style of “coupe-crossover” and five doors awaits us. This will instantly make the new model the most versatile among the many 2-seater and low McLaren supercars. The expected cost of the crossover is 250-350 thousand pounds.

However, such plans are not tomorrow’s game. The plan to create a new McLaren model is scheduled for the second half of this decade, perhaps even closer to 2030. We are waiting!