Recently in Europe a new standard for charging different devices was agreed. It’s USB Type-C. The full transition to the new format will take place in 2024. This will help reduce the amount of technological waste currently generated in the EU by 11,000 tonnes a year and save users money.

Although the law applies only to the EU, waste can be treated consciously in Ukraine as well. For those who are looking for a way to safely dispose of old chargers and gadgets, Waste Management Center works in Kyiv.

There are three ways to dispose of waste in the Waste Management Center: 

  • Bring in person in Kyiv to the address: Colonel Shutov St.,16 (Analitprylad plant);
  • Send by Nova Poshta at your own expense;
  • You can order garbage collection in Kyiv to your address. It is relevant for companies and those who have accumulated a lot of technological waste. In this case, illiquid waste will be collected without additional payment.

Electronic waste is toxic and contains a large number of hazardous substances: copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, PBDE and PCBs. Once in a regular landfill, they poison the environment and the people around them. The Waste Management Center is able to dispose of them safely. 

You can find out more about recycling by calling +38 (098) 043 03 03 or writing to [email protected].