Estonian company Milrem Robotics, which develops robotic combat vehicles (RCV), demonstrated shooting for the first time from the Type-X platform with the integrated PROTECTOR RT40 turret from KONGSBERG, armed with a 30 mm Bushmaster automatic gun.

This test is part of the Nordic Robotic Wingman robotic tank support program, which Milrem Robotics and KONGSBERG are promoting in the Scandinavian countries and the United States. The Nordic Robotic Wingman project is based on the Type-X platform, which in addition to the shown application can be equipped with a 50 mm gun, anti-tank missiles or drones.

The Milrem Robotics Type-X platform has some intelligent features, such as tracking the main machine, navigating waypoints and detecting obstacles. Some robot algorithms use artificial intelligence. In addition, the platform supports the Indirect Drive feature with predictive elements, which allows you to remotely control the machine at higher speeds.

Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle is the second combat platform from Milrem Robotics. The smaller 1630 kg THeMIS logistic and combat drone is already in use in the Estonian and Dutch armies. In addition, there is a civilian version of THeMIS called Multiscope, which is offered to fire and rescue, forestry, agricultural and other companies.

Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle – unmanned light tank from the Estonian Milrem Robotics

Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle Specifications
Weight – 12 tons
Length – 6 m
Width – 2.9 m
Height – 2.2 m
Armor – STANAG 4569
Main armament – up to 50 mm autocannon or other various weapons systems
Secondary armament – 7.62 mm machine gun
Engine – electric motor, diesel generator
Payload capacity – 4.1 tons
Ground clearance – 50 cm
Top speed – 80 km/h (road), 50 km/h (terrain)