Google’s original messaging service is finally shutting down. Google Talk has been around since 2005 and has been considered invalid by many. However, the app still worked in some form and will officially shut down this week.

Google Talk has been largely unavailable for the past few years. It still worked except for support for third-party applications in services like Pidgin and Gajim. According to a message on the Google blog, the service will be officially disabled on June 16.

If someone is still using the service, Google recommends that you switch to Google Chat. Google Talk will have a login error starting June 16th. It is unknown at this time when it will disappear completely.

Google Talk was the company’s first attempt to create an instant messaging chat between Gmail contacts. It even managed to become an application for Android and Blackberry before in 2013 it was replaced by newer services.

At the time, Talk was replaced with Hangouts. This service is also down, and Google Chat is used for instant messaging. Everyone who has used Google Talk before should switch to it, so as not to lose important data.