Bentley has introduced the Flying Spur S sedan, completing its own S-line of cars. Generally speaking, these are versions with an emphasis on luxury and sports: beautiful wheels, recognizable accents on the outside, original decoration on the inside. And the basis in the form of a certain model with a 4-liter V8 engine. These rules worked for Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Continental GT and GTC.

The same rule applies to the new Bentley Flying Spur S sedan: black glossy exterior, 21- or 22-inch wheels, red brakes, tinted headlights and headlights, S-logo on the body, 8-cylinder engine with 550 “horses”. However, there is an important difference: the Bentley Flying Spur S sedan is also available with a hybrid powertrain for the first time in Bentley’s current S-line.

This is a hybrid with the possibility of recharging, built on the basis of gasoline 2.9-liter turbo -V6. This hybrid is almost not inferior in power to the 8-cylinder relative: 544 hp and 750 Nm as a guarantee of acceleration to “hundreds” in 4.1 seconds. At the same time, the hybrid version of the Bentley Flying Spur S is able to cover a distance of up to 41 km in purely electric mode. Probably this is very important for the owner of Bentley during the current fuel crisis…

By the way, you can complain about your problems in a luxurious salon, which received a finish “Dinamica” of high quality leather, red stitching on the seats, as well as recognizable S-logos. Note that the decor is made of carbon panels. Plus, already traditional for Bentley, many elements have the chrome finishing.

Other interesting features of the car include the anti-heeling system, which works in 0.3 seconds, and a fully controlled chassis with the ability to rotate the rear wheels in antiphase or in the same direction as the front. In general, in the case of Bentley Flying Spur S, we got an interesting combination of classic luxury and the latest technology.