Lithuanian journalist Andrius Tapinas reported, that 1.5 million euro from the funds raised by Lithuanians for Bayraktar TB2, which was later gifted by the manufacturer, were spent on the purchase of 110 electronic antidrone cannons EDM4S, which will be distributed among 35 units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

EDM4S (Electronic Drone Mitigation 4 – System) is a Lithuanian hand-held electronic anti-drone cannon for neutralizing small and medium unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), manufactured by NT Service UAB in Kaunas.

110 Lithuanian EDM4S anti-drone rifles for the Armed Forces
Andrius Tapinas with EDM4S in his hand.

The electronic cannon is already actively used by the Ukrainian military and allows to effectively combat reconnaissance, corrective or drones that can drop bombs. The principle of operation of EDM4S is quite simple: the operator directs the system to the air target and the trigger activates the effect of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which leads to partial or complete interruption of the signal of the drone with the control panel.

Depending on the complexity of the drone, a “shot” from the EDM4S can cause it to fall from the sky, automatically change course to return to the starting point, as well as an emergency landing. The electronic cannon has a range of up to 5 kilometers and autonomy of up to 35 minutes.

EDM4S is made on an aluminum frame, the whole structure weighs 5.5 kg, has a length of 105 cm with a club and 83 cm without it.

Specifications of EDM4S:

Type: hand-held electronic cannon against drones;
Weight: 5.5 kg;
Dimensions: 105 cm with a club;
Effective range: up to 5 km;
Autonomy: up to 35 minutes;
Range: up to 5 km.