Remember Lithuanians who raised €5 million on Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine in three days, and Turkey then gave it to them for free? It seems that our brothers from Lithuania got excited and in addition to Bayraktar TB2 decided to raise another €660,000 for four Estonian EOS C VTOL reconnaissance UAVs . The devices were named Magyla-1, Magyla-2, Magyla-3 and Magyla-4 in honor of the Lithuanian goddess of death. Very accurate.

In fact, before the Bayraktar TB2, the Lithuanians raised €330,000 for two Magylas in 16 hours, but recently decided to expand the order. This amount includes funds for the training of 6 drone operators.

EOS C VTOL is a light drone from the Estonian company Threod Systems, which can take off and land like a drone, and during the mission to continue the flight as an airplane. The UAV has a maximum range of 120 km at a speed of 65 km/h, the maximum speed is 107 km/h. Practical ceiling of the device – 4500 m, maximum take-off height – 3500 m. Additional advantages of EOS C VTOL – low visibility and low noise.

The drone weighs only 14.2 kg and can carry 1 kg of payload. The main purpose of the device is reconnaissance, for which it is equipped with a Shark suspension with Full-HD long-focus and infrared cameras.

Thank you, Lithuania!