IKEA has announced plans to release a vinyl record player as part of its new Obergränsad collection this fall. The player was developed in collaboration with the electronic music group Swedish House Mafia. Along with him, the Swedish furniture giant also announced an armchair and a desk as part of the collection.

Technically, this is not the first record player to be announced by IKEA. Back in 2018, the company announced a player made in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, which it hoped to release next year. But according to support page of Teenage Engineering, it never made it to the final collection.

Ikea engineer Carmen Stoicescu hints at this previous attempt in an interview about the new player on the IKEA website. “When I was asked, I just said, ‘We’ve actually tried to make a player before, could we use the same supplier?” she says. Therefore, it can be concluded that the characteristics of the new model will not be too different from the previous IKEA attempt.

This gives some hints about the functionality of the player, most likely, it has a built-in preamplifier, powered by USB, and uses a removable cartridge and a needle. In a press release, IKEA also notes that the player will work with its Eneby Bluetooth speaker, albeit via a wired connection. Otherwise, the technical details are meager. It is unclear whether the player has built-in speakers or is limited by wired output.

IKEA will release a vinyl record player in the Obergränsad collection
Eneby Bluetooth

The IKEA record player will be available this fall along with more than 20 other products that make up the Obergränsad collection.