While some European countries are still hesitant to send heavy weapons to Ukraine or not, and some are openly supporting Russia, one of the world’s smallest countries, Luxembourg, is helping us contain Russia’s invasion from the start of a full-scale invasion. This story was mentioned by journalists Defense Express.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in the world with a population of 645,000, has a tiny army of 410 servicemen in the Armed Forces and another 600 soldiers in the gendarmerie. The Luxembourg Army has only light armored vehicles Humvee (42 units) and ATF Dingo (42 units), 6 (six) 81 mm mortars, TOW and NLAW anti-tank systems and handguns. The country’s air force consists of 1 (one) Airbus A400M transport aircraft based in Belgium and 2 (two) Airbus H145 helicopters.

How the smallest army in Europe helped Ukraine

However, on February 28, 2022, it was announced that Luxembourg was ready to send 100 anti-tank weapons, all-wheel drive equipment and some supplies to Ukraine. As it turned out, as of early May 2022, Luxembourg had provided €50 million in military assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, the country’s annual military budget is only €360 million.

This is a clear example of the fact that the pride and courage of a country does not depend on its size. Thank you, Luxembourg!