DevFest for Ukraine is a charity technical conference that plans to bring together 20 leading industry speakers in two days during a live broadcast from London and Lviv. They will discuss key topics for the future of technology, including trends in Android web technologies and artificial intelligence.

The conference will take place online on June 14 and 15. Among the sessions there are 20 reports on Web, Android, and AI from technical speakers, including Chet Haase – author of the book Androids. The team that built the Android, Una Kravets, Staff Developer Relations Engineer on the Google Chrome team, and Toby Walsh, a professor of artificial intelligence in Sydney.

Tickets for the conference can be obtained by making a donation on the website. Regardless of the amount of the donation, the participant will have full access to live streams and session recordings. Participants will also be able to communicate with more than 1,000 fellow developers from around the world, and most importantly, to support an important cause: to help Ukraine and Ukrainians to resist the fight against the Russian aggressor.

All funds raised will go to three Ukrainian volunteer organizations: Come Back Alive, Nova Ukraine and Voices of the Children.

You can join the fundraiser, live stream and session recordings at