How interesting the world is: American company Ford once had huge ambitions to expand, which led to the emergence of an almost autonomous European division. The first generation Ford Focus in the late 1990s and early 2000s was a real “sales hit” and helped breathe new life into the European part of Ford. However, over time, the Chinese market became increasingly important. It became so large and noticeable that it eventually needed not only local production but also the development of its own version of the car. Which will be discussed in this news.

But first, let’s note that the current fourth generation Ford Focus has undergone a planned upgrade in Europe in late 2021: sharp headlights on the outside, a large 13.2-inch touchscreen on the inside, emphasis on hatchback and station wagon bodies (thank you, interesting ST-Line and Active versions)…

But a strange range of engines: the 1.5-liter “turbo” petrol was denied, and the traditional automatic transmission disappeared with it. From now on, the main petrol range of the Ford Focus model in Europe is a 3-cylinder 1-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 100-125-155 hp, in a conventional or hybrid design. In a pair to it “mechanics” or “robot” are offered. Do you want to get four cylinders? Then you have to choose either a 1.5-liter turbodiesel or a version of the ST with a 2.3-liter gasoline engine – but this is a completely different story in terms of its purpose, customer segment, and the cost of the car.

Now, look at the updated Ford Focus for China. First, the car has been updated no worse than its European cousin: similar sharp headlights, a new front bumper, and notable 18-inch wheels. And even more: pay attention to the black “mask” of the radiator grille that connects the headlights. Secondly, the cabin also has a widescreen display (but different sizes and proportions), and the ST-Line version is further decorated with red decor and a loose steering wheel. Plus, all these updates are relevant for the sedan, which can additionally boast a spoiler on the trunk lid and stickers on the body – just “mother’s racer”!

However, this is not easy: the Chinese version of the Ford Focus offers a 1.5-liter gasoline turbocharged engine with 177 “horsepower” and 270 Nm. In addition, reduced ground clearance (-10 mm) and stiffer suspension: these are the features of the ST-Line version. Also, the traditional 6-speed “automatic” and no “robots”! Of course, there will be less powerful naturally aspirated engines (and no small “turbo”!) And a manual gearbox for regular versions of the Ford Focus.

And now, attention, the main question is: what version of Ford Focus would you like to see in Ukraine – European or Chinese?