Some workers in the UK will have more rest. The country has started testing a four-day work week. Currently, more than 70 companies and 3,300 employees are participating in the experiment.

The income of the participants will not change, because for 80% of working time they will receive 100% salary. The experiment is based on the 100: 80: 100 model. Participants receive 100% payment for 80% of the time, committing to remain 100% productive.

The list of participating companies is impressive. It includes banks, care companies, online stores, IT courses, housing, animation studios, hotel business and others. The pilot phase will last six months. It was organized by 4 Day Week Global – promoters of a four-day work week in the world – in collaboration with Cambridge and Oxford Universities and Boston College.

Researchers will work with each participating company to measure the impact of innovation on business productivity and employee well-being, as well as on the environment and gender equality. A four-day work week with government support will also begin later this year in Spain and Scotland.