Few people like the look of modern TVs, especially when turned off – it’s just a black rectangle on small legs. That’s why some manufacturers have recently created TVs with original designs (so-called lifestyle TVs) that can organically fit into a modern interior. For example, Samsung has several such series. This year, LG joined it with two unusual-looking models. Back at CES 2022, the company showed Objet (now it has changed its name to Easel) — a flat-screen TV that can simply be pressed against the wall.

LG has introduced a new model of designer TV – Posé

Now another design model – Posé (LX1) was introduced. Unlike Easel, it has fairly large legs on which it stands on the floor (just like Samsung The Serif). But thanks to the OLED panel, the body of the TV is so thin that the company has made it in the form of…folded in half “sheet”, which creates a kind of “pocket” behind the screen, in which, according to official Posé images, you can keep magazines or vinyl records.

When the TV is not in use, it can be switched to Gallery mode, and then it will display works of art or photos of the owner, thus becoming a digital “photo frame”. LG Posé will appear “live” at the Salone dei Tessuti during the week design in Milan (Milan Design Week) June 7-12. Models with diagonals of 42, 48, and 55 inches will go on sale, but when exactly this will happen (and how much they will cost) is not yet reported.