Apple has officially introduced the iPadOS 16 – a new version of the operating system for iPad tablets. It took a number of chips from iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, but also received some of its own innovations.

The network has long said that Apple seeks to bring iPadOS to the level of the desktop operating system. This was confirmed by the emergence of the Stage Manager tool, which significantly improves multitasking. Stage Manager makes it easier to work with multiple applications at once. The active application is located in the center of the display, while others are available at a distance of one tap in the menu on the left.

iPadOS 16 is one step closer to desktop operating systems

The user can place several applications side by side, creating specific work areas. Applications can overlap, you can resize them: everything we are used to on desktops. iPadOS also supports external displays (up to 6K resolution) in Stage Manager mode. This allows you to keep up to eight applications open at a time (four on your tablet and four on your monitor). However, I note that the multitasking upgrade only applies to the iPad with the M1 chipset.

iPadOS 16 is one step closer to desktop operating systems

Apple has paid a lot of attention to new opportunities to collaborate in its proprietary applications – Pages, Keynote, Numbes, Notes, Files, Reminders, Safari. The functionality is reminiscent of Google Docs when you can see who is editing in parallel with you. Notifications of changes to shared documents appear directly in your Messages work chat.

iPadOS 16 is one step closer to desktop operating systems

In addition, Apple has introduced a new Freeform application that allows you to work with your colleagues in the same workspace. You can create lists, make diagrams, and graphs, draw something with Apple Pencil, and add links, videos, and audio. In real time you see what your colleagues are doing, so Freeform looks like a very interesting tool for brainstorming. Freeform will be released this year. The application will also be available for iPhone and Mac.

IPadOS 16 will have its own Weather app, redesigned specifically for tablets. It shows an animation of the current weather, and also offers all the necessary information in the form of cards.

In addition, tablets will receive updated Home, Mail, Safari, and Game Center applications, users will be able to customize toolbars in some applications, share photos with other family members through iCloud Shared Photo Library, and much more.

The iPadOS 16 beta for developers can already be installed on the following models:

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and newer)
  • iPad (5th generation and newer)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and newer)

The public beta of iPadOS 16 will be available in July, and the release of the stable version is scheduled for this fall.