The new Apple Museum has opened in Poland, claiming to be the “largest and most complete” collection in the world. 1,600 exhibits are the result of many years of enthusiasm for the local collector and architect Jacek Lupina. The museum covers the entire 46-year history of the company.

The collection was placed on the territory of a former metalworking plant in Warsaw. At the entrance, you can see a replica of Apple 1 – the first PC that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold in 1976. The museum also has a replica of the Apple 1 motherboard signed by Wozniak himself.

The collector’s goal was to show how far the company has gone and how it has changed over four decades. The museum began with a collection of items in Lupina’s house but quickly grew out of the room.

“My goal is to show visitors what happened in the beginning. How primitive and very simple it was. The case for Apple 1 was made of wood! It doesn’t look like what we have today,” said Jacek Lupina.

The Apple Museum will not display all items at once, but will change exhibitions from time to time. The collections include Apple, Macintosh and NeXT computers, as well as iPhones, iPods and iPads. In addition, there will be vintage advertisements on the walls, such as the famous “Think Different” from 1997. You can find out more about the exhibits on the museum’s website.