Google combines Meet and Duo into one application for voice and video calls Google has announced the merging of its Meet and Duo video calling apps to form a single platform. Very soon, of the two, only Google Meet will remain but it will be based on Duo features.

Over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, the use of Meet has grown significantly. Meanwhile, Duo was more of a messaging app, but it had a few features that Meet lacked. For example, you could call someone directly, instead of creating a link to a meeting or inviting people through the Calendar.

Google combines Meet and Duo into one application for voice and video calls

The Duo app will soon be updated and many Meet features will be transferred to its platform. It will be renamed Google Meet later this year. In turn, the current Meet will be called Meet Original. The new platform will be able to compete with WhatsApp or FaceTime, if simple and clear enough.

To achieve this, the company still has a few small issues to address. For example, will each device and each Meet tab ring each time an incoming call is made? According to Google, no. The program will recognize which device is used the most and send notifications only to it. Developers also need to decide if the app needs to be able to receive calls on both the work and personal devices at the same time.

This is another attempt by Google to combine and integrate the range of services they provide. According to a company representative, over time, Meet should mean more than just a meeting.